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Creighton's x Elephant Art Magazine

An Pham

Elephant Art is a print magazine, an online platform and a physical project space in White City, London. It was founded in 2009 and is published four times a year, in order to provide “in-depth analysis” on the international contemporary art scene. Elephant believes that art is the best way to think about how we live today.


In 2017, Elephant had been given a new look by Kellenberger-White, which aims to appeal to wider audience to reach beyond “contemporary art bubble”. Their new logo has been inspired by a day out at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire and the behaviour of real elephants, says Eva Kellenberger, co-founder at Kellenberger-White.

It consists of a logotype made up of bespoke letterforms, based on the shapes made when water is squirted on the ground.


“We went to and watched how the elephants move and how they use their trunks as a tool,” says Kellenberger. “We wanted to see if there was something that could inform a design language. We took a simple approach that led to us exploring water as a drawing tool, and we created letterforms by squirting water on the ground. After a few days of experimenting, we’d found our direction.” (Source: Design Week UK)

This month, they’ve published ten-year anniversary issue which explores the rising phenomenon of self-care through the lens of six young artists and features Encounters with the most exhilarating, established names including Paul McCarthy, Wu Tsang, Anthea Hamilton and more. (Source: Elephant)

Elephant Magazine issue 40

We’ve collaborated with Elephant Magazine to create ‘Good Vibes’ dark chocolate bar with CBD infused and raspberry for this special occasion. Inspired by psychedelic art 60s, the sleeve was design by Lucy our creative director. This exclusive bundle includes a bar of ‘Good Vibes’ and Elephant Magazine issue 40.



Let’s travel to Japan for a mysterious experience!

An Pham

Introducing our first Surprise Gift Box ever!

What's happened to surprise gifts these days? Mystery has been cruelly replaced with mindless wish-lists and careless shoppers. Everyone just gets what they've asked for. What's the fun in that?

Let's do something different to embrace the unknown with us! Treat yourself or someone you love to a bit of suspense, excitement and mystery that we've been waiting for!

Either you are the Noodle Lover or the Lucky cat. We promise to bring you unique flavour in these new chocolate bars & fun novelty inside this box.

The choice is yours! Please click on your favourite picture to find out more! 

Father's Day Delicious Gift Guide 2019

An Pham


Forget the flashy wristwatches, the useless gadgets, and get the Dad in your life the chocolate he really wants! You might even find a little something for yourself, too. 

To celebrate this special occasion, choose our Limited Edition 'Chocolate For Breakfast' Range! Let’s treat your 'old man' to some fun & delicious chocolate. Who could say no to 'Chocolate For Breakfast'?!! RRP £12.50

If your Dad is a huge Biscuit Lover, 'I Love Biscuits' set promises to satisfy his eternal biscuit cravings! RRP £12.50

‘You are fricking awesome’ is a milk chocolate bar with popping candy to remind your Father how awesome he is! RRP £5.50

This package also comes with a matching postcard on which we will hand-write an optional message to the recipient. We will also include a flyer with more information about Blurt. Each pack is gift-wrapped in a box. £1 from each sale of this package will be donated to Blurt Foundation

What’s better than a classic combo of donut & coffee which are made entirely of chocolate?!! RRP £8.00