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Creighton's X Gudetama


Learn more about Creighton’s Chocolaterie collaboration events & interviews!


Creighton's X Gudetama

An Pham

Gudetama, means 'lazy egg' in Japanese, was born in 2013 into a world it would prefer to avoid. As it seems to be a fitting icon for this era of melancholy, Gudetama has become huge fan favourite worldwide. Since the world seems to fall apart and society disintegrates, who doesn’t feel like slithering back beneath blankets for the rest of eternity. Just like that, this little egg yolk with its face of despair can easily be found taking nap in its shell, curled up in a bacon blanket or sliding slowly on a bed of toast.

This is the first licensing partnership for Creighton's because the lazy attitude combined with our quirky chocolate flavours will create so much personality in the product.

The collaboration features three special flavours: 'Sunny-side up' smooth dark chocolate bar with bright citrus yuzu flavour. 'Five more minutes' milk chocolate bar with sour dough toast and smoky bacon. 'You crack me up' milk chocolate bar with crackling popping candy

Creighton's x Gudetama Launch Event @ We Built This City - London


Gudetama Slumber party Launch Event took place on 30th August, 2018 @ We Built This City 56b Carnaby St. W1F 9QF


The event was packed with bloggers, influencers, press and die-hard Gudetama fans in London all came along and had a taste and see what the new products were.