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teapigs. x Creighton's Chocolaterie

An Pham

Image Credit: teapigs

Image Credit: teapigs

Teapigs. was launched in 2006 by self-confessed tea enthusiasts, Louise and Nick. Their aim was to get the UK drinking better quality tea and introduce a brand that was more relevant to 21st century tea drinkers. They’ve stood out from the market by selling whole leaf tea, whole leaf herb, whole berries, whole spices & whole flowers.

Teapigs now has become one of the leading producers of premium brand of tea in the UK. Their tea has been sold over 35 countries around the world.

Introducing our brand new product line with teapigs. to match with their most loved teas for the fully immersive experience. Our special collaboration was featured in Metro.

set teapigs.jpg

Super fruit chocolate bar is inspired by teapigs favourite summer tea with the addition of some buttery biscuit for that extra bit of crunch. White chocolate with mixed berries, hibiscus and biscuit pieces.

teapigs. x Creighton’s Chocolaterie white chocolate bar with mixed berries, hibiscus and biscuit pieces

The chai chocolate bar is inspired by teapigs favourite chai tea. Creamy milk chocolate with a cinnamon, ginger and pepper kick.

teapigs x Creighton’s chocolaterie Chai with chai spices and caramel crunch

The peppermint chocolate bar is inspired by teapigs super minty fresh peppermint leaves tea. Decadent dark chocolate with nibbed cacao brands and natural peppermint oil. This bar is also vegan so there is something for everyone!

Creighton’s x teapigs dark chocolate with peppermint and cocoa nibs

Let’s grab a cup of tea and your favourite chocolate bars for a perfect afternoon break! Now available to purchase on our online shop and teapigs website.