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Where can I buy your chocolate?

Right here! Our full range, plus some exclusive lines, are available to buy from our online shop. We ship worldwide. Alternatively we have lots of stockists dotted around the UK and beyond, find your nearest one here. Our Leighton Buzzard retail store closed in December 2018, we still make our chocolate locally to the area but unfortunately our factory is not open to the general public.

Where should I store my chocolate?

We treat our chocolate with as much love and care as possible as we believe that this reflects in the all-important final taste! To keep your chocolate at its best, please store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. Please avoid storing in the fridge as this can impare the taste, texture and look of the chocolate.

Are your products suitable for nut allergy sufferers?

We are a small artisan company and we hand-make nearly all of our products in our factory. The factory handles nuts & peanuts on a regular basis so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that any items are nut-free. 

Are your products vegetarian?

Most of our products are suitable for vegetarians, with the exception of some inclusions (i.e marshmallows, sprinkles) which contain gelatine or cochineal colouring. Please see each individual product for more information.

 Are your products gluten free?

Our chocolate does not contain gluten. However some additional ingredients (e.g biscuits, sprinkles) may contain gluten and our factory occasionally handles gluten ingredients. Products containing gluten are highlighted in the description and on the labelling. Please see each individual product for more information. 

Are your products dairy free/vegan?

Our dark chocolate contains no added milk and therefore bars made with this are considered suitable for vegans/dairy free. We also produce a ‘Yes Yes Yes’ bar which is a milk chocolate alternative made with rice milk. Although we are careful with our manufacturing methods, due to the hand-made nature and kitchen environment, there may be a chance of cross-contamination between dairy and non-dairy products. In general we don't use any eggs or animal derived products other than dairy unless otherwise noted.

Are your products soya free?

No, all our products contain soya lecithin as an emulsifier. An exception to this is our ‘Yes Yes Yes’ bar which contains no soya (but is handled in an environment where soya is present). 

Are your products sesame free?

We do not handle sesame in our kitchen generally, but traces of it can be found in some of our ingredients. We therefore take precaution in stating that all our products may contain traces of sesame.

Do your products contain artificial colours?

We are actively trying to reduce the amount of artificial colours we use by replacing them with natural colours. On some products this is unavoidable to achieve a decorative affect. These products are labelled with a warning.

Do your products contain artificial flavours?

We are actively trying to reduce the amount of artificial flavours we use by replacing them with natural alternatives where possible.

Do you sell diabetic chocolate?

‘OH SUGAR’ does not contain sugar and can be suggested for those avoiding sugar/ diabetics. It contains maltitol as a sweetener. 

Where are your products made?

We hand-make as much of our range as possible (that's nearly everything except things like marshmallow, fudge and biscuit inclusions). We use the finest ingredients we can source and, where possible, support local and independent suppliers. Everything is made and wrapped by hand in our Bedfordshire factory by our small team of chocolatiers in small batches. This means that our products are fresh with minimal time between being made and reaching you in the shop! We are constantly developing new recipes and products using high quality, fresh ingredients so you can always be sure that Creighton’s chocolates are a unique and equally delicious purchase. Our factory is audited yearly by SALSA to ensure the best quality and manufacturing practise.

Where is your chocolate from?
We use finest Belgian chocolate couverture that contains natural vanilla and pure cocoa butter in the majority of our products. We only use chocolate suppliers with proven strong ethical & social responsibilities (detailed information can be supplied to you by request). All our chocolate is chosen for its quality of taste.

How long does your chocolate last?

All our chocolate bars have a displayed 'best before' date on the packaging. In general, white chocolate lasts for 6 months, milk chocolate for 10 months and dark chocolate for 12 months. This time can vary depending on additional ingredients and date of production.

What is the nutritional value of your chocolate?

Each product is labelled with it's nutritional information on the packaging. We are also happy to provide this information on request if required.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our regular and snack chocolate bars are wrapped in paper which is recyclable with your general household recycling. We use FSC certified paper and food-grade wrappers. Our 50g chocolate bars are wrapped in cello which is recyclable through some household schemes (we are currently working on a degradable alternative). Lollipops are made with a paper stick which is recyclable. We try to incorporate recyclable packaging on all other products where available, the exception being Easter Eggs where we are currently unable to find a good enough/affordable packaging material other than plastic. We’re working on it though!